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Toilets can fly

Here is a simple idea for architects, building designers and interior designers working in the wealthier environments of the developed world to allow toilets to fly to poor parts of the world. Visit Healthabitat for the details. Continue reading

Health Hardware – why we all need it

“…It’s not just about housing, it’s about housing and infrastructure as the hardware that delivers the capacity for people to live healthy lives” ~Brian Doolan, CEO The Fred Hollows Foundation The term “Health Hardware” was first used in Australia by … Continue reading

The Guide – Partners

Isobel Ashford from the Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF), London and Peter Williams from Archive, Global, New York on the relevance of the guide overseas. Building and Social Housing Foundation UK World Habitat, formally Building and Social Housing Foundation, established in 1976, works both … Continue reading

Why Housing for Health the Guide is needed

Houses lived in by Indigenous people in Australia are in poor condition. This is proven by house function data collected in 194 Housing for Health projects run between 1998 and 2013. The projects were designed to improve the 7, 500+ houses … Continue reading

Housing for Health – the guide

Housing for Health – the guide has been developed, co-ordinated and funded by Healthabitat with the help of a large and enthusiastic team. We acknowledge and thank the generous support from a broad range of contributors who have given their time … Continue reading

TEDx – Housing for Health

A short introduction to Housing for Health. A look at the connection between your health and the living environment and how small steps can have lasting health impacts. Also see The Health Story Continue reading

Removing waste safely – an animation

Removing waste safely is the third highest priority Healthy Living Practice. Toilets are easily understood but how to treat waste to make it safe is much more confusing. This animation of a septic tank treating human waste safely was originally developed to … Continue reading