The Health Story

Housing for Health – the Guide is based on safety and health principles called the Healthy Living Practices. The Guide is firmly based on the living environments and health of Indigenous Australians living in urban, suburban, rural and remote areas.

The Healthy Living Practices link your health and the place where you live, anywhere in the world. Over time the Guide will allow access to the health principles more broadly, and be informed by those using the principles worldwide.

As climates and types of living environment vary, some Healthy Living Practices may be more important than others, and solutions will always need to relate to local community health issues, resources and culture.


Image: The Nine Healthy Living Practices from top left, Washing people, Washing clothes and bedding, Removing wastewater safely, Improving nutrition, Reducing the impact of crowding, Reducing the impact of animals, insects and vermin, Reducing the impact of dust, Improved temperature control, Reducing minor trauma

A brief history of the Healthy Living Practices and how they form
the core of Housing for Health follows.

VIDEO: Dr. Paul Torzillo – Director, Healthabitat illustrates the local and universal impact of the Healthy Living Practices.