A3.1 Fire prevention

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Gas - A fault in a gas installation could be a fire hazard.
Gas installation OK. (of all houses that had a gas system +)48%2042 +-3%
Power points -A faulty power point could be a fire hazard.
Houses in which all power points tested OK.42%7639-3%
Lights - % tested OK (includes the switch, fitting and bulb or tube) A faulty light could be a fire hazard.
All OK19%7075-3%
75% to 99% OK33%62992%
25% to 74% OK37%57511%
Less than 25% OK7%5751-4%
Mice and rats (reported by residents or evidence at time of survey) Vermin may cause cable damage and create a fire risk.
Houses where there was no survey evidence, but reported32%77122%
Houses where there was survey evidence15%7151-1%