B2.2 Drying clothes and bedding

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Houses with a clothes line for clothes drying70%3111N/A
Area available and secure for drying clothes
No fenced yard29%7713-2%
Yard area at least 900 square metres43%77136%
Yard area less than 900 square metres28%7713-5%
Functional yard fence and gates47%58686%
Weather conditions suitable for drying clothes at time of survey
Fine and sunny71%77122%
Cloudy or rain26%77120
Strong winds2%77120
Areas around the house able to be used for drying clothes
No verandah13%7713-3%
Verandah on one side of the house31%77131%
Verandah on two sides of the house36%77131%
Verandah on three sides of the house10%77130
Verandah on four sides of the house9%77131%