B2.1 Laundry design

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Houses with one laundry97%57260
Houses with two laundries1%57260
Laundry tub and waste water
Laundry tub present98%70300
Laundry tub secure91%68831%
Laundry tub hot water tap functional73%69623%
Laundry tub cold water tap functional77%70183%
Functional laundry tub waste outlet89%70170
Laundry tub plug41%68832%
Laundry floor waste outlet78%5627-2%
Laundry floor waste outlet functioning57%75812%
Laundry floor graded to waste point59%75813%
Laundry shelf at least 1500mm above floor48%75926%
Laundry power points for washing machine
No power point near washing machine2%5625-1%
Functional washing machine power point85%75781%
Functional weather-protected power point45%74985%
Washing machine power point safely located89%75000
Washing machines
Houses that had an adequate space for a washing machine - at least 700mm wide (note: this question was changed to 900mm wide)95%75931%
Houses with a working washing machine78%75863%
Separate taps for the washing machine only85%75875%
Functional hot water washing machine tap71%74972%
Functional cold water washing machine tap78%75303%
Functional washing machine drainage82%75403%
Independent washing machine drainage (ie not through the main laundry tub)73%75905%