Basic health principles of housing and its environment

| American Public Health Association - Committee on the Hygiene of Housing.

Extract: SHELTER is one of the three fundamental needs of human existence.  No housing program can be sound unless the shelter it provides is healthful.  It was this latter consideraration which lead the American Public Health Association to organize a Committee on the Hygeine of Housing, to serve also as the organ of co-operation for the United States with the Housing Commission of the Health Organisation of the League of Nations.  In beginning the work of this committee it has seemed essential to formulate the basic health needs whoich housing should subserve.  This report consists of 30 basic principles. The Priciples and Specific requirements are beleived to be fundamental minima required for the promotion of physical, mental and social health, essential in low cost as well as high cost housing, on the farm as well as in the city tenement.

Journal: American Journal of Public Health|Publication Date: 1938|Issue: 28:351-72