B1.1 Wet area design

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Wet area layout
Shower, toilet and laundry are separated and can be used independently76%77122%
Shower, toilet and laundry are partly combined20%7712-1%
Shower, toilet and laundry are fully combined5%77120
No shower0.5%5751-0.5%
1 shower87%7149-3%
More than 1 shower12%71493%
No flush toilet1%57510
1 toilet78%7151-5%
More than 1 toilet21%71514%
No hand basin11%5751-3%
1 hand basin74%7124-5%
More than 1 hand basin17%71244%
Showers, baths and toilets
Functional shower rose64%76822%
Shower waste diameter adequate (more than 100mm)66%71211%
Functional shower room door and lock (inside only)68%76793%
Shower floor graded to floor drain89%767623%
Shower room ventilation89%76832%
Functional clothes hook(s) in shower room36%76842%
Functional towel rail(s) in shower room50%76842%
Functional shelves in shower room43%76814%
Houses with bathtubs55%7712-3%
Of the houses with bathtubs -
Bathtub secure93%4200-1%
Bath area - floor finish OK84%30333%
Bath area floor graded to floor drain71%30325%
Combined bathtub and shower50%4214-1%
Functional bathtub spout81%41952%
Functional bathtub drainage90%41960
Single flush cistern29%7643-8%
Dual flush cistern71%76438%
Full flush test OK (a standard flush test)87%76441%
Toilet area floor graded to floor drain56%77096%
Toilet ventilation90%77122%
Functional shelves in toilet area35%77128%
Functional toilet roll holder57%7713-1%
Disabled and frail aged
Houses used by disabled or frail aged users as reported by residents23%57513%
Disabled or frail aged users present and reported - adequate access14%57513%
Disabled or frail aged users present and reported -poor access18%575110%