B1.3 Water outlets, valves & taps

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Houses with yard taps
No yard taps3%7712-1%
1 yard tap26%77120
2 yard taps58%7712-1%
3 or more yard taps12%77121%
Houses with all yard taps OK66%55753%
Wet area taps
Shower - functional hot water tap74%76771%
Shower - functional cold water tap78%76801%
Basin - functional hot water tap74%70091%
Basin - functional cold water tap77%70512%
Bath - functional hot water tap70%41953%
Bath - functional cold water tap73%41964%
Washing machine - functional hot water tap71%74972%
Washing machine - functional cold water tap78%75303%
Laundry tub - functional hot water tap72%70022%
Laundry tub - functional cold water tap77%70183%
Toilet cistern - functional stop cock (shut off valve)79%76442%
Hot water system taps and valves
Functional hot water pressure release or relief valve73%6516-1%
All other hot water system valves functional (cold water pressure limiting valve (if installed), and the hot water system shut off valve)72%6536-2%
Kitchen taps
Kitchen - hot tap functional (hot water OK)70%30832%
Kitchen - hot tap not functional (hot water OK)30%308315%
Kitchen - cold tap functional (cold water OK)71%3083N/A
Kitchen - cold tap not functional (cold water OK)29%3083N/A