C3.1 Waste water

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Type of waste water system
No waste water system2%7710-1%
Deep sewer system56%77102%
Houses using septic systems of any type
Septic tank and common effluent system 28% (28%)
Septic tank and soakage trenches 14% + (13%)41%7710-1%
Aerobic waste water package treatment system1%77100
All drainage around the house OK (this question records if drainage failures are obvious in the yard area around the house)77%77124%
Dry system toilets
Dry toilet5%1961N/A
In-ground pit toilet2%1961N/A
Contained composting toilet3%1961N/A
Details of the waste systems
Grease trap8%53450
Septic tank not able to be located4%2179-1%
Pump out truck had access to septic tank94%21793%
Septic tank lid protected from damage71%217311%
Septic tank lid not protected from damage24%2058-9%
No soakage trench (CED (common effluent disposal) system)63%24275%
Functional soakage trench28%2427-3%
Non-functional soakage trench10%2312-2%