B5.3 Storage areas in the house

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Shower: Shampoo/soap holder OK (available & in good condition)59%7688N/A
Shower: Clothes hooks OK36%7688N/A
Shower: Towel rails/ racks OK50%7688N/A
Shower: Shelves OK43%7686N/A
Hand basin: Soap holder OK81%7065N/A
Hand basin: Shelf OK53%7065N/A
Hand basin: Clothes hooks OK32%7065N/A
Hand basin: Towel rail/ racks OK, provided & securely fixed to wall49%7065N/A
Bath tub: Shampoo/soap holder OK, Shampoo/soap holder is available67%4208N/A
Bath tub: Shelf OK48%4212N/A
Bath tub: Clothes hooks OK38%4208N/A
Bath tub: Towel rail/ racks OK, rails provided and securely fixed to wall59%4208N/A
Flush toilet: Shelf OK, shelf above child height for toilet roll storage35%7713N/A
Flush toilet: Toilet roll holder sturdy holder fixed to wall57%7713N/A
Laundry: shelf OK, shelf above child height to safely store laundry detergents and cleaning products48%7596N/A