B1.5 Showers

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Shower, toilet and laundry are separated and can be used independently76%77122%
Functional shower rose64%76822%
Functional shower drain89%76780
Shower - functional hot water tap74%76771%
Shower - functional cold water tap78%76801%
Shower walls: sound and well sealed71%76831%
Floor finish in shower is easy to clean, non slip80%76824%
Shower floor graded to waste point71%76765%
Combined bathtub and shower50%4214-1%
Functional shower room door and lock (inside only)68%76793%
Functional clothes hook(s) in shower room36%76842%
Functional towel rail(s) in shower room50%76842%
Functional shelf(s) in shower room43%76814%