B1.2 Hot water

Survey Data

B 1.2.1 Power type% of housesNo. houses surveyed
Electric powered hot water system49%5933
Solar powered hot water system44%5933
Gas powered hot water system3%5933
Heat pump powered hot water system2%5933
Solid fuel powered hot water system0%5933
No hot water system1%5933
B 1.2.2 System Component Performance% of housesNo. houses surveyed
ALL other hot water system valves functional (stop valve and cold water pressure relief valve where needed)73%5035
Hot water pressure release/relief valve functional74%4968
Element capacity not applicable as houses have gas, heat pump, solid fuel or no booster system9%5172
Electric hot water system with element capacity less than 1800 watts4%5172
Electric hot water system with element capacity between 1800 to 2400 watts20%5172
Electric hot water system with element capacity greater than 2400 watts56%5172
No element size information11%5172
B 1.2.3 System Capacity% of housesNo. houses surveyed
Hot water systems (HWS) producing more than 50 litres of hot water per person per day (where houses were occupied at time of survey)57%5936
B 1.2.4 System temperatures greater than 45*C (minimum required)% of housesNo. houses surveyed
HWS > 45ºC ALL types78%5856
HWS > 45ºC Elec88%5856
HWS > 45ºC Solar70%5856
HWS > 45ºC Gas59%5856
HWS > 45ºC Heat pump74%5856
HWS > 45ºC Solid fuel29%5856
B 1.2.5 System temperatures greater than 62ºC (water too hot, increasing the chances of burns and running costs)% of housesNo. houses surveyed
Initial temp: hot water scalding >= 62.5ºC22%5897
HWS > 62ºC : Elec37%5856
HWS > 62ºC : Solar13%5856
HWS > 62ºC : Gas15%5856
HWS > 62ºC : Heat pump18%5856
HWS > 62ºC : Solid fuel0%5856