B4.2 Food storage

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Shelves and cupboards
Kitchen storage above bench height - greater than 5 square metres (more high level storage is better)44%76536%
Kitchen cupboards - none9%5694-2%
Kitchen cupboard condition adequate50%56943%
Kitchen cupboard condition inadequate41%5694-1%
Kitchen ventilated - improved food storage conditions89%56833%
Houses with no refrigerator or freezer21%7663-1%
Houses with combined refrigerator/freezer68%7663-5%
Houses with a refrigerator but no freezer (newer question)7%76630
Houses with a freezer but no refrigerator (newer question)4%76630
Refrigerator capacity and function
No information on refrigerator capacity available6%56350
Refrigerator capacity less than 250 litres26%56352%
Refrigerator capacity between 250 litres to 350 litres42%56351%
Refrigerator capacity greater than 350 litres26%5635-3%
Freezer temperature minus 10°C or colder70%58413%
Fridge temperature colder 4°C or less52%59065%
Refrigerator and freezer - no excessive ice or frost75%45093%
Refrigerator - door seals OK82%45162%
Additional freezer available35%75040
Additional freezer temperature 10°C or colder78%26095%