B5.2 Developing the edges of the house and the yard

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Fencing: increasing the potential of the yard area around the house
No fenced yard29%7713-1%
Fenced yard area at least 900 square metres43%77136%
Fenced yard area less than 900 square metres28%7713-5%
Houses with yard fence and gates87%53059%
Houses with yard fence and gates all in good condition47%58686%
Cooking and water
Outside cooking facilities46%77145%
No yard taps3%7712-1%
1 yard tap26%77120
2 yard taps58%7712-1%
3 or more yard taps12%77121%
Water meter found and functional43%7711-7%
Water isolation valve available and OK55%5751N/A
Rainwater tank25%7151-1%
Rainwater tank functional19%7151-1%
Outside cooking areas46%77145%
Houses with food planting26%77141%
Wind break planting (as a positive sheltering feature in cold climates and not a hindrance to airflow in tropical climates)27%77145%
Rubbish and wastewater systems
Rubbish system (houses with a working kitchen bin)29%3111N/A
Septic tank lid protected from damage72%217312%
Working motor vehicle in yard
3 or more3%7711-1%