B5.2 Developing the edges of the house and the yard

Survey Data

B 5.2.1 Fencing: Increasing the potential of the yard area around the house% of housesNo. houses surveyed
No fenced yard19%5936
Fenced yard at least 900 square metres51%5936
Fenced yard area less than 900 square metres30%5936
Houses with yard fence & gates all in good condition62%4818
B 5.2.2 Cooking% of housesNo. houses surveyed
Outside cooking facilities48%5936
Houses with food planting20%5936
Wind break planting (as a positive sheltering feature in cold climates and not a hindrance to airflow in tropical climate32%5936
B 5.2.3 Water% of housesNo. houses surveyed
No yard taps2%5936
1 yard tap22%5936
2 yard taps63%5936
3 yard taps13%5936
Water meter found and functional55%5935
Water isolation valve (water stop tap) available and OK60%5935
Rain water tank73%5936
Rain water tank functional18%5936
B 5.2.4 Rubbish and wastewater systems% of housesNo. houses surveyed
Rubbish system (houses with a working kitchen bin)32%5936
Septic tank lid protected from damage82%868
B 5.2.5 Working motor vehicles in yard% of housesNo. houses surveyed
3 or more3%5935