B8.4 Active cooling of houses

Survey Data

Percentage of houses, or temperature, or number of windowsTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Maximum summer temperature between 25°C–40°C40%7714-1%
Maximum summer temperature regularly greater than 40°C59%77141%
House performance in hot conditions
Houses where outdoor temperature was greater than 30ºC at time of survey (ambient shaded air temperature)35%77137%
Houses that provided no improvement on the outside air temperature in hot conditions21%2674-10% which is an increase in performance
Average improvement in all houses surveyed, when outdoor temperature was greater than 30ºC at time of survey3.1ºC-26741.90%
Houses that provided 0°C–2ºC improvement39%2674-13%
Houses that provided 2ºC improvement or better46%267418%
Houses that provided 4ºC improvement or better24%267414%
Houses that provided 6ºC improvement or better14%26749%
Houses that provided 8ºC improvement or better8%26746%
Houses that provided 10ºC improvement or better5%26744%
Outside the house
Shade trees or planting in the yard60%77139%
Houses with any sun protected windows51%77127%
No verandah13%7713-3%
Verandah on one side of the house31%77131%
Verandah on two sides of the house36%77131%
Verandah on three sides of the house10%77130
Verandah on four sides of the house9%77131%
Roof insulated37%77123%
No roof insulation or unknown63%7712-3%
Walls insulated26%57984%
No wall insulation or unknown74%5798-4%
Total windows―all houses100,6947713NA
Windows—average number per house13.17713NA
% Windows not functioning OK, unable to be opened or closed or any part broken (number)26% (27,013)7713NA
Windows—average number not OK per house37713NA
Houses with all windows OK33%771315%
Cooling systems
No cooling system & only ceiling fans36%7714NA
Ceiling fans and some other cooling system42%46030 G1,2,3 data only
Evaporative non-ducted cooling system3%77140
Evaporative ducted cooling system8%7714-2%
Reverse cycle refrigerated air non-ducted cooling system23%771413%
Reverse cycle refrigerated air ducted cooling system8%77144%