The effects of socioeconomic status, perceived discrimination and mastery on health status in a youth cohort.

| Caputo, R.K.

This study examined the influence of socioeconomic status, perceived discrimination, and sense of mastery over one’s life on the health status of a sub-sample of a US cohort of youth (N = 969). When controlling for a variety of social characteristics and personal attributes, only sense of mastery over one’s life, measured by the Pearlin Mastery Scale, affected physical and mental health statuses. Perceived discrimination affected only mental health status, while SES over the life course affected only physical health. Findings affirmed the efforts of professions like social work that stress self-determination and empowerment enabling individuals to enhance their own social functioning and improve conditions in their communities and in society at large. They also suggested that in regard to mental health advocacy efforts to decrease health disparities can find social justice related grounds based on gender.

Journal: Social Work Health Care |Publication Date: 2003|Issue: 37(2):17-42