A4.1 Structural safety

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006*
Type of walls—brick, concrete block, concrete, earth27%77141%
Type of walls—brick veneer19%7714-4%
Type of walls—steel frame and fibrous cement, timber, or steel34%77144%
Type of walls—timber frame and fibrous cement, timber, or steel18%77142%
Type of walls—other (insulated panel, logs, and so on)4%7714-2%
Termites not present 80%77128%
Walls—inside condition good = all OK47%77122%
Walls—inside condition fair = water, mould28%77122%
Walls—inside condition poor = holes, cracks, water, mould25%7712-4%
Walls—outside condition good = all OK60%77096%
Walls—outside condition fair = minor cracking, repair needed24%7709-1%
Walls—outside condition poor = holes, large cracks16%7709-5%
Floor—finish and condition good = all floors OK53%77104%
Floor—finish and condition fair = not unsafe, but poor finish28%7710-1%
Floor—finish and condition poor = holes, unsafe18%7710-4%