A1.4 Power points, lights and other fittings

Survey Data

Percentage of housesTotal houses surveyedChange since 2006
Light - general
Most lights in the house are incandescent58%7695-9%
Most lights in the house are fluorescent40%76958%
Most lights in the house are energy saving (ES compact fluorescent, LED)2%76951%
NO light fitting present
Shower - no light present2%57180
Basin area - no light present2%29540
Toilet - no light present2%57480
Kitchen light - no light present2%56770
Light available and working
Shower - light working OK75%56720
Basin area - light working OK65%5729-10%
Toilet light - working OK76%77051%
Kitchen light OK81%76262%
Laundry area power points
Washing machine - no power point near washing machine2%5625-1%
Washing machine - power point test OK85%75781%
Washing machine - power point test not OK14%7578-1%
Location/position of laundry power point OK89%75001%
Weather protected power point in laundry area OK45%74985%
Power points - general durability
Houses in which all power points tested OK42%7639-3%
Age of house - less than 2 years5%71510
Age of house―2 to 10 years25%7151-3%
Age of house - more than 10 years70%71514%