Is the Guide different to the National Indigenous Housing Guide ?

Yes they are different, as described below, but the safety and health principles behind both are the same.

The National Indigenous Housing Guide

  • was a Federal Government publication and was initiated in 1999 by Department of Social Services Federal Government Minister Jocelyn Newman, with the first edition
  • contained no housing data in its first edition
  • contained the first housing data in its second edition, which was released in 2003
  • contained data on 3,600 houses in its third edition, which was released in 2007 and   was due for renewal in 2009
  • had the endorsement of all Australian governments (3rd edition)
  • was available in hard copy format and a pdf online version

Housing for Health – the Guide

  • is a Healthabitat publication and was initiated by Healthabitat at the end of 2012 when after a long wait the promised fourth edition of The National Indigenous Housing Guide had not emerged
  • was given its first exposure (online) on the 2nd of October 2103
  • contains housing data from over 7,500 houses
  • is an interactive, online production
  • encourages ongoing input and development by those using the Guide, with major reviews occurring every 2 years
  • does not carry the endorsement of any Australian government
  • has a national (Australian) focus but intends gradually to incorporate international housing and health information and design guidelines.

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