How can I suggest an edit or addition to the Guide?

The Guide was assembled by a diverse group of people with many years of practical experience working with housing and health. The Guide originated from real data from over 7,500 houses around Australia. The aim is to expand the Guide slowly to become relevant to a broad range of environments around the world, if not within the Guide then it will point to solutions in other similar publications local to your place of work.

So… be patient and help invigorate and develop the Guide into a collection of important universal health principles with directions to robust local solutions.

The Guide is evidence based and any changes proposed will be reviewed against the submitted evidence.

Minor typographical or formatting errors should be corrected promptly, within 2 weeks.

Photos, drawings, videos, stories that are considered better examples of work than in the current Guide, will be reviewed within 4 weeks.

A review of more involved content edits will occur every 6 months and a major review every 2 years.

To add to or edit the guide please fill out this form.

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