What is Housing for Health: the guide?

The Guide links health to housing and the living environment. The Guide helps those funding, planning, designing, building and maintaining living environments to improve the health of people. The Guide provides evidence based information to designers, builders/tradespeople, property managers, owners, … Continue reading

Why do we need another guide?

This is a very good question! Australia already has a National Building Code, Australian Standards as well as Indigenous Housing Guides and local government regulations. But it is important to note that with all these regulations, the function of Indigenous houses … Continue reading

Does the guide only apply to remote Indigenous housing?

No. Whilst the Housing for Health methodology was developed, tested and improved in remote Indigenous communities in Australia, the principles that inform the Guide have been tested  from suburban to remote communities around Australia. Healthabitat has also demonstrated that the guiding principles presented in the Guide … Continue reading

Does the guide only apply to Australia?

The guiding health priorities, the Healthy Living Practices, , have been developed in Australia with Indigenous communities but Healthabitat believes they have a more universal application. Parts of the Guide clearly apply to specific Australian environments and house types, but … Continue reading

What is Housing for Health?

Housing for Health projects improve the health of people, particularly children 0-5 years of age, by ensuring they have access to safe and well functioning housing, and an improved living environment. The work is based on safety and the nine Healthy … Continue reading